Lucky MILLINDER And His Orchestra - Are You Ready to Rock - Singles 1942-1955

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This is an exciting set of rocking blues and R&B and many of these tracks have been filling dancefloors for years.

Lucky Millinder's big band was big, really big. It was loud and raucous and designed mainly for dancers but over the years it was in action it featured some of the greatest jazz musicians and r&b players to ever grace a stage or recording studio.

Features the vocal talents of such luminaries as: Trevor Bacon, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Wynonie Harris, and Annisteen Allen to name a few. The members of his orchestra were equally famous in the jazz world and feature such top flight musicians as: Bill Doggett; Sam 'The Man' Taylor; Dizzy Gillespie; Ike Quebec; Paul Quinichette and Art Blakey.

Here then is a selection which is essentially a greatest hits collection mostly featuring the US chart entries. Whichever way you slice it there are many fine recordings here which have resonated through the past 60 years.

Track Listing

1. BIG FAT MAMA (Vocal - Trevor Bacon)
2. SHOUT, SISTER, SHOUT (Vocal - Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
3. I WANT A TALL SKINNY PAPA (Vocal - Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
4. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN (All Over The World) (Vocal - Trevor Bacon)
5. ARE YOU READY (Vocal - Trevor Bacon)
6. APOLLO JUMP (Instrumental)
7. SWEET SLUMBER (Vocal - Trevor Bacon)
8. HURRY, HURRY (Vocal - Wynonie Harris)
9. WHO THREW THE WHISKEY IN THE WELL (Vocal - Wynonie Harris)
10. SHORTY'S GOT TO GO (Vocal - Lucky Millinder)
11. LET IT ROLL (Vocal - Annisteen Allen)
12. D' NATURAL BLUES (Instrumental)
13. LITTLE GIRL, DON'T CRY (Vocal - Big John Greer)
14. OH BABE! (Vocal - Wynonie Harris)
15. SILENT GEORGE (Vocal - Myra Johnson)
16. BONGO BOOGIE (Vocal - Annisteen Allen)
17. NO ONE ELSE COULD BE (Vocal - Annisteen Allen, Melvin Moore)
18. THE GRAPE VINE (Vocal - Melvin Moore)
19. RAM-BUNK-SHUSH (Instrumental)
20. LOADED WITH LOVE (Vocal - Corky Robbins & Johnny Bosworth)
21. PLEASE BE CAREFUL (Vocal - Pigmeat Peterson aka Eddie Mack)
22. LORD KNOWS I TRIED (Vocal - Heyward Jackson)
23. HEAVY SUGAR (Instrumental)
24. BACKSLIDER'S BALL (Instrumental)
25. IT'S A SAD, SAD FEELING (Vocal - Cathy Ryan & The Admirals)
26. OW! (Instrumental)


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