Various Artists - Hixville - We'll Have a Time, Yes - Siree! (Custom Pressings Vol. 1)

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An excellent introduction into the world of independent country music artists showcasing the true spirit of the scene once issued through the legendary STARDAY custom series.

You’ll find everything here from Up-tempo Hillbilly, Ball Room Ballads, Boppin’ Gospel and Honky Tonk Blues - the true roots of Rockabilly! Every track is faithfully re-mastered ready to offer you the finest selection of downhome Country music you are ever likely to find, until the next volume that is! If you love country this is a must!

Track Listing

1. JOHNNY SUTHERLAND - We’ll Have A Time, Yes-Siree
2. CARL TANNER - Sweet Talking Baby
3. LEO OGLETREE - Crooked Dice
4. WANDA BALLMAN - Think It Over
5. RAY MAYO - Mended Heart
6. BILLIE & GORDON HAMRICK - When I Feel The Spirit (Brother) I’m Gonna Shout
7. BUDDY LIVINGSTON - Write Me Right Away
8. JIM CUNNINGHAM - Take Time To Cry
9. AL MEYER AND HIS PALS - You’re The Same Old Moon
10. AL WARWICK - You Are The Only One
11. RAY MAYO - Who Winds Your Clock
12. BILLIE AND GORDON HAMRICK - He’s Gonna Take His Children Out
14. LEO OGLETREE - You Done Got Me
15. JOE BRYANT - Pulpwood Blues
16. JIM CUNNINGHAM - A Pain A Pill Won’t Reach
17. JOE GIBSON - Puttin’ On The Dog
18. DON PAYNE - Kickaroo
19. OTIS PARKER - They Don’t Have To Operate (They Just Pull The Zipper)
20. JOE GIBSON - Oh Brother
21. RED MANSEL - I’ve Crossed You Off My List
22. JOE BRYANT - A Man Ain't Nothin' But A Woman's Slave
23. JERRY HOPKINS - Cuddle Up To Me
24. HOYT SCOGGINS - The Pathway Is Not Crowded
25. BUDDY LIVINGSTON - Back When She Was Young


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