Deanna DURBIN - Can’t Help Singing

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1936 was a watershed year for Universal Pictures, for two reasons. It was the year in which the founder of the now ailing studios was swept aside, together with his family employees, and replaced by an entirely new management. It was also the year that heralded the arrival of a bright new star whose films were to be instrumental in saving the organization from complete bankruptcy. An immigrant from Germany, Carl Laemmle formed Universal in 1912 and the company flourished throughout the era of silent pictures and into the early days of the talkies. By 1935, with extravagant expenditure on too many prestige productions, some of which turned out to be box-office failures, the company was faced with financial problems. Yet, in spite of this, Laemmle and his family were paying themselves top salaries. Mortgaging all future productions, a substantial loan was sought from the investment company Standard Capital, headed by one Charles Rogers. "Show Boat" was being filmed at this time, and when production problems and delays necessitated yet more finance, the stock-holders decided they had had enough. In 1936, the whole nepotistic Laemmle regime was forced out and the studios were taken over by the investment company with Rogers himself as head of production. An immediate cut-back on budgets, particularly those for major projects, was ordered, which meant there were to be more 'B' pictures. There now enters upon the scene a new Universal signing by the name of Deanna Durbin.

Produced by Geoff Milne

Track Listing

"Can't Help Singing" (1944)
1. Can't help singing
2. Any moment now
3. More and more
4. Californ-i-ay

"Spring Parade" (1940)
5. It's foolish but it's fun
6. When April sings
7. Blue Danube dream
8. Waltzing in the clouds

"Nice Girl?" (1941)
9. Perhaps
10. Swanee River - Old folks at home
11. Love at last
12. Beneath the lights of home

"First Love" (1939)
13. Amapola

"Christmas Holiday" (1944)
14. Always
15. Spring will be a little late this year

"Three Smart Girls" (1936)
16. Someone to care for me
17. Il bacio (The kiss)
18. The old refrain

"Three Smart Girls Grow Up" (1939)
19. Invitation to the dance

"Because Of Him" (1945)
20. Lover
21. Danny boy
22. Goodbye

"Lady On A Train" (1945)
23. Gimme a little kiss, will ya, huh?

24. Night and Day
25. More and more/Can't help singing


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