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About Us

Introduction to Hasmick Promotions Limited and the Jasmine CD label

Hasmick Promotions Limited was established in 1965. Originally the company specialised in importing from the United States the various formats providing music for ‘in-car’ entertainment. Manufacturing the 8 Track players, cartridges and cassettes under licence in the UK was soon followed with Hasmick Promotions becoming one of the largest suppliers in Western Europe.

In 1982 the Jasmine Label was created producing LPs and Cassettes. The new label initially focused on licensed Jazz and Personality recordings. Later in 1985 Jasmine successfully launched it’s Country & Western catalogue. 1990 saw the release of Jasmine’s first CDs.

Today, Hasmick Promotions continues to supply through the Jasmine Label original reissue works, digitally re-mastered using the latest equipment. The label now encompasses Personality, Jazz, Country, Blues – and more besides. Just a casual glance through the list of Jasmine releases reveals an imaginative and sometimes surprising range of Compact Discs, all designed to bring maximum pleasure to the listener.

We feel confident that amongst our ever growing catalogue you will find many CDs of interest.