Various Artists - The Golden Age Of American Dance Bands - Spin A Little Web Of Dreams 101 Classic Original Recordings

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In this second look at the golden age of American dance bands (the first can be heard on Jasmine JASBOX 3-4) the concept has been extended to include some names that are more often associated with the 'Swing Era', names such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, and The Dorseys. For 'sweet' bands read 'hotel', or more to the point, 'dance' bands and remember that the 'swingers' all played for dancing, especially in their early days so can sit comfortably alongside most of the names represented in this collection. We should also remember that many of the so-called sweet bands could let down their hair, pump up the tempo and give out with some sprightly tunes and swing, though until Goodman did just that in the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles in August 1935, the swing era had yet to be born.

Produced by Geoff Milne

Track Listing

Disc One: 1926-1932
1. Bye Bye Blackbird - George Olsen And His Music
2. Girl Of My Dreams - Blue Steele And His Orch
3. Sunny Disposish - Jean Goldkette And his Orch
4. Ramona - Paul Whiteman And his Orch
5. There Must Be A Silver Lining - Ben Selvin And His Orch
6. Let's Misbehave - Irving Aaronson And His Commanders
7. I'm Feathering A Nest - Gus Arnheim And His Orch
8. Turn On The Heat - Lloyd Keating And His Music
9. Tea For Two - Waring's Pennsylvanians
10. Keepin' Myself For You - Paul Specht And His Orch
11. Exactly Like You - Merle Johnston And His Ceco Couriers
12. Sharing - Henry Thies And His Orch
13. Sugar Blues - Clyde McCoy And His Orch.
14. Star Dust - Wayne King And His Orch.
15. When I Take My Sugar To Tea - Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orch
16. Love Letters In The Sand - Ted Black And His Orch
17. Old Playmate - Ted Lewis, vocal with His Band
18. Goodnight, Moon - Jack Denny & Mount Royal Hotel Orch
19. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now - Coon-Sanders Orch
20. Why Little Boy Blue Was Blue - Joe Haymes & His Orch
21. The Clouds Will Soon Roll By - Graham Prince & His Palais D'Or Orch
22. Banking On The Weather - Russ Carlson And His Orch
23. Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia - Tom Gerun & Orch
24. Sweetheart Hour - Don Bestor And His Orch
25. Night And Day - Leo Reisman And His Orch

Disc Two: 1932-1935
1. It's Gonna Be You - Ozzie Nelson And His Orch
2. A Rainy Day - Leo Reisman And His Orch
3. Why Can't This Night Go On Forever - Casa Loma Orch
4. Shanghai Lil - Leon Belasco & His Hotel St.Moritz Orch
5. So This Is Susie - Ben Bernie And All The Lads
6. Buckin' The Wind - Anson Weeks And His Orch
7. Doin' The Uptown Lowdown - Isham Jones And His Orch
8. Ah! But I've Learned - Phil Harris And His Orch
9. Spin A Little Web of Dreams - Freddy Martin & His Orch
10. Love Thy Neighbour - Will Osborne
11. Ridin' Around In The Rain) - Isham Jones And His Orch
12. Dames - Eddy Duchin And His Orch
13. An Earful Of Music Rudy Vallee & Connecticut Yankees
14. Okay, Toots - George Hall And His Orch
15. Wild Honey - Archie Bleyer And His Orch
16. It's Dark On Observatory Hill - Dorsey Brothers' Orch
17. When Love Comes Swinging Along -Victor Young & Orch
18. Lovely To Look At - Smith Ballew
19. Night Wind - Benny Goodman And his Orch
20. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie - Casa Loma Orch
21. The Little Things You Used To Do - Enric Madriguera And His Hotel Weylin Orch
22. Outside Of You - Eddy Duchin And His Orch
23. You Saved My Life - Ted FioRito And His Orch
24. Isn't This A Lovely Day? - Johnny Green And His Orch
25. Moon Over Miami - Lud Gluskin And His Orch

Disc Three: 1936-1938
1. But Where Are You? - Ozzie Nelson And His Orch
2. Lost - Hal Kemp And His Orch
3. But Definitely - Joe Reichman And His Orch
4. Me And The Moon - Richard Himber And His Orch
5. If We Never Meet Again Nat Brandwynne & Stork Club Orch
6. Midnight Blue - Dick McDonough And His Orch
7. Picture Me Without You - Ted Weems And His Orch
8. Now - Ray Noble And His Orch
9. It's Love I'm After - Kay Kyser And His Orch
10. Summer Night - Music- In The Russ Morgan Manner
11. Someone To Care For Me - Woody Herman & His Orch
12. How Could You? - Dolly Dawn And Her Dawn Patrol
13. Ridin' High - Mal Hallett And His Orch
14. No More Tears - Artie Shaw And His Orch
15. They All Laughed - Red Nichols And His Orch
16. Where Or When - Ruby Newman And His Orch
17. The Love Bug Will Bite You Lombardo & Royal Canadians
18. The First Time I Saw You - Charlie Barnet
19. The Lady Is A Tramp - Henry King And His Orch
20. That Old Feeling - Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm
21. If It's The Last Thing I Do - Artie Shaw And His New Music
22. You And I Know - Henry King And His Orch
23. You're A Sweetheart - Woody Herman And His Orchestra
24. Everything You Said Came True - Jimmie Grier & His Orch
25. Thrill Of A Lifetime - Art Kassel & His Kassels-In-The-Air
26. I Can't Face The Music - Jimmy Dorsey And His Orch

Disc Four: 1938-1941
1. I'II Dream Tonight - Orrin Tucker And His Orch
2. I Married An Angel - Larry Clinton And His Orch
3. You And Me - Hal Kemp And His Orch
4. Silver On The Sage - Dick Jurgens And His Orch
5. Heart And Soul - Blue Barron And His Orch
6. Does Your Heart Beat For Me? - Russ Morgan & His Orch
7. Blame It On My Last Affair - Richard Himber & Essex Or
8. You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By -Tommy Dorsey &
9. South American Way - Al Donahue And His Orch
10. Especially For You Vincent Lopez & Suave Swing Orch
11. Over The Rainbow - Horace Heidt & Musical Knights
12. La Cumparsita - Xavier Cugat & His Waldorf-Astoria
13. It's A Wonderful World - Jan Savitt And His Orch
14. There I Go - Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra
15. Our Love Affair - Eddy Duchin And His Orch
16. The Waltz You Saved For Me - Wayne King & His Orch
17. Arise My Love - Bob Chester And His Orch
18. It All Comes Back To Me Now - Teddy Powell & Orch
19.Amapola - Les Brown And His Orch
20. Maria Elena - Tony Pastor And His Orch
21. Beautiful Faces Need Beautiful Clothes - Griff Williams &
22. Rose O'Day - Freddy Martin And His Orch
23. Everything's Been Done Before - Art Jarrett & His Orch
24. The White Cliffs Of Dover - Glenn Miller And His Orch
25. The Band Played On - Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians


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