Various Artists - Can't Stop Playing That Boogie Woogie: Rare Classics From The Vaults



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A while back, JASMINE issued a series of three Boogie Woogie CDs, each devoted to a particular format of the genre: Volume One (JASMCD 2538) featured piano soloists, Volume Two (JASMCD 2539) was devoted to small groups, and Volume Three (JASMCD 2540) covered the Big Bands. Starting with this fresh compilation, it is JASMINE's intention to travel much further along the road of the pounding piano, bass notes to the left, trebles to the right. If Boogie Woogie had a ‘Holy Trinity’, then it was formed by Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis all featured here. We hope you will enjoy this ‘classic’ slice of Boogie Woogie and are hungry for more - let the piano roll!

Produced by Chas (Mr. Boogie Woogie) Hall

Also available JASBOX 11/4, JASMCD 2538, JASMCD 2539, JASMCD 2540.

Track Listing

1. CHAS (Mr. Boogie Woogie) HALL - Boogie Woogie Jive
2. ALBERT AMMONS - Boogie Woogie At The Civic Opera
3. ALBERT AMMONS - Boogie Woogie Blues
4. MAURICE ROCCO - The Darktown Strutters' Ball
5. BILLY PENROSE - Boogie In The Ballroom
6. BILLY PENROSE - Harlem Boogie
7. FORREST SYKES - Tonky Boogie
8. MONTANA TAYLOR - Fo' Day Blues
9. "MR. FREDDY" SHAYNE - Chestnut Street Boogie
10. CECIL GANT - Nashville Jumps
11. CECIL GANT - Cecil Boogie
12. JIMMY YANCEY - Jimmy's Rocks
13. JIMMY YANCEY - White Sox Stomp
15. MEADE 'LUX' LEWIS - Glendale Glide
16. MEADE 'LUX' LEWIS - Boogie Tidal
17. HADDA BROOKS - Hollywood House Party Boogie
18. HAZEL SCOTT - Brown Bee Boogie
19. CAMILLE HOWARD - X-Temporaneous Boogie
20. PETE JOHNSON - Climbin' And Screamin'
21. PETE JOHNSON - B & O Blues
22. OSCAR PETERSON - The Sheik Of Araby
23. SAMMY PRICE - 133rd Street Boogie
24. CHAS (Mr. Boogie Woogie) HALL - Foot Tapper


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